Beginning teachers’ professional learning

In this section you will find ideas, resources and activities to support the professional learning of colleagues:

  • At the very beginning of learning to be a history teacher
  • As they gain more direct classroom experience in their first year
  • In the second and third years of their teaching career in school. 

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  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Research and thinking about history teachers’ continuing learning and well-being
  • 3.3 How do teachers create knowledge about history teaching?
  • 3.4 History teachers’ knowledge bases
  • 3.5 What should beginning history teachers learn?
  • 3.6 Beginning teachers’ learning over time
  • 3.7 Professional learning as mentor and mentee
  • 3.8 Learning to reflect on practice
  • 3.9 Setting development targets
  • 3.10 Tackling specific issues as practice develops
  • 3.11 History knowledge auditing and development
  • 3.12 Support in the first history teaching post
  • 3.13 Support for the beginning teacher to move beyond ‘novice’
  • 3.14 Creating a local history community
  • 3.15 Engaging with the wider history teaching community