The International Journal Volume 3 Number 2


By IJHLTR, published 23rd July 2003

Volume 3.2

International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research

Volume 3 Number 2 July 2003

ISSN 1472 - 9466

Editorial Keith Crawford - The Role and Purpose of Textbooks


Articles Jason Nicholls  - Methods in School Textbook Research


Penelope Harnett - History in the Primary School: the Contribution of Textbooks to Curriculum /Innovation and Reform


Keith Crawford  - Culture Wars: Serbian History Textbooks and the Construction of National Identity


Jon Nichol and Jacqueline Dean - Writing For Children: History Textbooks and Teaching


Dave Treharne - Views of Russia in the English Classroom for 14-16 year olds


Marijana Mirkovic and Keith Crawford - Teaching History in Serbian and English Secondary Schools: a Cross-Cultural Analysis of Textbooks


Barbara M. Wenzeler - The Presentation of the Holocaust in German and English School History Textbooks - A Comparative Study Contributors

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