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HA, last updated: 19th May 2015

As you will no doubt be aware, GCSEs are changing. New specifications (subject to accreditation) will require students to learn history from a range of different time periods. Different specifications will specify different content, but whichever specification you end up teaching, you are very likely to be teaching some medieval history and possibly some Anglo-Saxon or Viking history. If you want to get ahead early and start developing your subject knowledge around draft specifications, you might find
our handy links to HA articles, podcasts and classic pamphlets a useful starting point.


The Anglo-Saxons - HA Podcast Series

In this HA Podcast Series Professor Joanna Story of the University of Leicester looks at the history of the Anglo-Saxons.

Saxons, Normans and Victorians - Classic Pamphlet 


HA Podcast Series: The Vikings

An HA Podcasted History of the Vikings featuring Professor Rosamond McKitterick, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge.

Vikings: a brief history - a basic introduction

The Vikings in Britain (1999) May be useful to compare to modern podcasts

Norman Conquest

The Origins of the Norman Conquest

The Norman Conquest: why did it matter? Keynote
Speech from the Historical Association 2013 Annual Conference - Podcast

1066: The Limits of our Knowledge

Edward the Confessor and the Norman Conquest

The strange death of King Harold II: Propaganda and the problem of legitimacy in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings

Harold Son of Godwin

1066 and all what?

Thinking from the inside: je suis le roi 

Norman England

How did William I transform England and Wales?

William the First and the Sussex Rapes

Edward I (and Scotland)

The Nation of the Scots and the Declaration of Arbroath

The Scottish Wars of Independence

Edward I: Relations between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Edward I: Law and State

Richard I/Crusades

The Crusades An HA Podcasted History of the Crusades featuring Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith, Professor Jonathan Phillips of Royal Holloway, University of London and Dr Tom Asbridge of Queen Mary, University of London. 

King John

Magna Carta: oblivion and revival

Magna Carta and the Origins of Parliament

King John

King John and Magna Carta (Part 1)

King John and Magna Carta (Part 2)