The Baker by the Sea

By Paula White (Templar Books)

The Baker by the Sea

Review by Dan and Paula
The book was really interesting because it was about the simple life that they lead a long time ago. I really liked the character of the baker because he could bake so fast. I learnt that fishermen went fishing at night and not during the day and that baking was a popular job in the past. The book was light-hearted and thought provoking because at the end of the book you didn’t find out whether the boy wanted to become a fisherman or baker. The thing that stood out about the book was that it teaches you to have a simple, happy life but you still do work and get to spend lots of time with your family. I would recommend it to other children because it can teach them some history about what they did in the olden days. 

Review by Child C
The book, the Baker by the Sea, was a kind-hearted book, because it was based on Paul White’s grandfather. He wanted to become a fisherman, but became a baker instead. I liked the parts in the story where the boy wanted to be a fisherman, but became a baker. I liked it because it made me feel emotional. I think it was written many, many years ago, and I would recommend this book to children in key stage one. 

Review by Ruby
I loved the book. I liked how people worked together and helped one another for example, when the bakers bake food for the fisherman and the boat builders. I learnt about what it was like to be a fisherman at that time, and about the way they built houses and shops – and boats – out of wood. I liked when the baker’s son delivered the bread to the fishermen because he was being helpful. I liked how everyone was kind and helped one another. It was different to now because now, more houses are made out of brick. Also, people were more kind and helpful to one another back then than they are now. Before reading the book, I hadn’t realised realised that fisherman had to stay in the cold at night time to catch fish; it was a really difficult job. I would think all children would like this book, especially people who like to learn about the past.

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