An authentic voice: perspectives on the value of listening to survivors of genocide

Teaching History article

By Andrew Preston, published 28th November 2013

It is common practice to invite survivors of the Holocaust to speak about their experiences to pupils in schools and colleges. Systematic reflection on the value of working with survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides and on how to make the most of doing so is rarer, however. In this article Andrew Preston reports how his school has worked with Martin Stern, a Holocaust survivor, and reflects on how to make best use of the opportunities and challenges associated with bringing an authentic voice into the classroom. Preston's article is not simply about ‘voice', however: it is itself multivocal. Preston reflects on the issue from a teacher's perspective, Stern comments on it from the perspective of a survivor with extensive experience of speaking in schools and Madeleine Payne Heneghan offers a student's perspective of listening to a survivor in school...

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