Exemplar Application 6: Secondary: Wider experience subject leader and senior leader

Richard Kennett has been teaching at Redland Green School for ten years and is currently team leader for Humanities. He is an SLE for history and supports other schools in the area.

All applicants must supply an application form, CV and scanned copies of their relevant qualification certificates. These have not been supplied as part of this exemplar for data protection purposes. What follows is an exemplar of the 1000 word statement, supporting evidence and the CPD log that Richard provided to support his application.

The CPD log must indicate at least 36 hours of history CPD undertaken over the last 12 months. This must be CPD undertaken rather than CPD the applicant has delivered. A wide range of activities are permissible as CPD. Please take a look at the exemplar CPD logs and our FAQs document for guidance.

Richard has laid out his statement in a similar way to Natalie in Example 4 and used brackets to highlight where there is supporting evidence for statements made. Footnotes could also be used to this effect.

The panel noted Richard’s extensive evidence of continued learning for example his MEd in local history & Euro Clio projects. He is a member of HA Secondary Committee and has contributed Teaching History articles as well as being an HA & SHP conference workshop leader. He played a vital role in the re-establishment of the HA Bristol branch and local network of teachers and produces a regular widely-read blog, There was good evidence of quality teaching in schemes of work he submitted.

Attached below you will find Richard’s 1000 word statement plus 19 pieces of evidence and a CPD log.

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