Teaching Appeasement in the classroom with Year 10 and 11 pupils at Woodhouse Grove School

As part of the project Donna Shoesmith-Evans, a history teacher at Woodhouse Grove School near Bradford, trialled the teaching in her Year 10 and 11 GCSE classes, introducing her students to these thought-provoking sources on appeasement. She shared her approach at a teachers’ conference at Sheffield on 7 June, 2023, where attendees also heard from Julie V. Gottlieb, Mass Observation Engagement Manager (University of Sussex) Suzanne Rose, playwright Nicola Baldwin and Andrew Wrenn, a Teacher Fellow of the Historical Association and Education Lead for the project on behalf of the HA.

In the outline below ‘Appeasement-Road testing sources and materials with GCSE students‘ Donna describes her productive long-term involvement with Sheffield University History Department and how she used sources and materials on Appeasement researched by Julie V. Gottlieb with her Year 10 and Year 11 IGCSE history classes. The links below also include a version of the test paper created by Donna for use with her students and lesson observation notes on Donna’s teaching by Andrew Wrenn, Education Lead for this project written in February 2023.

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