Developing the Dept

Subject leaders are often middle managers, with responsibility for the leadership and management of a team of colleagues.  They need to lead their team so that history education in their school is as good as it possibly can be, and they are accountable to the school’s headteacher for this.  They are required to advocate for history within their school and ensure that senior leadership are appraised of matters relating to the subject, such as specification changes and the role of history in contributing to literacy.  They also provide the inspiration, support and guidance that colleagues need in order to teach history well and develop their own careers.  To the students they represent the subject and convey their own passion and hard-work to act as models for young learners.  There are many facets to this role and it is not always easy.  However, the Historical Association provides a strong network of support, where subject leaders can connect with other colleagues in similar role; swapping ideas and sharing good practice.  To support subject leaders, this section is divided into six sections: performance management, supporting professional learning, CPD, working with TAs, non-specialists and mentoring.

Performance Management

Training webinars

Supporting professional learning

New, Novice, Nervous

Working with TAs