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  • Teacher Fellowship Programme: Britain and Transatlantic Slavery

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  • Three Cheers for Women!

    1st March 2019

    It’s Women’s History Month – a whole month dedicated to 52% of the global population. Yes, despite being the majority there is still a need to have a month dedicated to highlighting and celebrating women’s history – and that alone tells you how important it is to explore and emphasise...

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  • Responding to the latest Ofsted Consultation

    22nd February 2019

    This month Ofsted have issued a consultation on their new inspection framework entitled Education inspection framework 2019: inspecting the substance of education.  Over the past few years, the Historical Association’s surveys into history in English secondary schools have been showing how some schools have reduced opportunity and entitlement to study...

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  • Young Historian Awards 2019 – Secondary prizes

    12th February 2019

    Researching, writing and presenting ideas about a historical theme or period is one of the best parts about studying history so why leave it to the oldies. We want young people to get the bug for writing about history in an incisive, interesting and critical way while they are still...

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  • History Education International Research Network (HEIRNET) Conference 2019

    8th February 2019

    University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria2nd–4th September 2019 Vienna is the perfect venue for the HEIRNET 2019 conference; for over a thousand years it has been at the epicentre of European and wider world affairs with their deep historical side and tap roots that have continuously informed, influenced and shaped contemporary worlds...

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  • LGBT History Month 2019

    8th February 2019

    It is LGBT month and over the years the HA has done a lot to explore and raise awareness about LGBT history.  So for this year we thought it was about time that we pulled some of the information together so that you can find out more and, if you...

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  • Catch up on the latest updates with HA News

    7th February 2019

    The latest edition of HA News includes full details of the 2019 Annual Conference programme in one of England's oldest cities – Chester, as well as news from the world of history education, an obituary of former HA President Donald Read (1930-2018), the centenary of the Nuneaton Branch, updates on Young Quills and the Great Debate, HA tours,...

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  • Investigating the Impact of WW1 on your Locality

    30th January 2019

    This teacher’s guide, student booklet and scheme of work for Key Stage 3 can be freely downloaded from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust website here.     The project involved Year 9 students using the names on their local war memorial as the starting point for an investigation which culminated in them writing biographies of...

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  • Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

    11th January 2019

    The scale and horror that is the reality of genocide often serves to shock and repulse us, with the result that we often turn away from some of the details and perhaps from the broader picture. Yet it is often the details and nuances that enable us to understand how...

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  • BBC Class Clips: ‘ClueTubers’ with Carmel Bones

    19th December 2018

    Education consultant Carmel Bones presents this BBC Class Clips video introducing ‘ClueTubers’ - a suite of films that will help students get to grips with the skills required to investigate historic sites. The video is aimed at GCSE and National 5 History teachers and gives an overview of the ‘ClueTubers’ films and...

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