Secondary news

  • The Great Debate 2018

    14th March 2018

    On 10 March 2018 sixth-form students from across the country gathered in the Palace of Westminster. They were the 23 winners of regional heats for the 2018 Great Debate. To get to the final they had presented an argument on the question: Was the 1918 extension of the franchise the...

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  • Curriculum Update Spring 2018

    8th March 2018

    As you may well be aware, Ofsted has been carrying out research into the breadth and coherence of the curriculum offered to all young people. In deciding to conduct this investigation, the Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman acknowledged that Ofsted ought to consider its own role in what has been happening...

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  • Books that changed the world

    26th February 2018

    Celebrate World Book Day on 2 March 2018 with this FREE resource from the Global Learning Programme (GLP).  This resource supports schools wishing to use this day as an opportunity to develop global learning through story from Early Years to Key Stage 3. Stories bring places, settings and experiences to life and provide a supporting framework in which...

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  • The Age of Revolutions – The Residential

    9th February 2018

    Somewhere on a battlefield in Belgium in February a rebel group comb the countryside, gather intelligence (knowledge), share expertise and plot their future actions. Who are they? What are they really doing? WHAT ARE THEIR INTENTIONS?! Actually it turns out they are with the Historical Association, and they are a...

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  • Teacher Fellowship Programme: Teaching the Age of Revolutions

    Multipage Article

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  • 100 Years of Suffrage

    6th February 2018

    The Representation of the People Act of 1918 gave the vote to all men and some women. Was it the greatest turning point in the history of British democracy? The Historical Association is looking forward to exploring that very question at the final of our Great Debate competition for students...

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  • New online records shed light on Suffrage movement

    5th February 2018

    New online records reveal that “militant” Suffragettes were largely well educated, in their 30s and born in the South East Home Office & police files detail those on the front lines of the suffrage movement Records reveal that most “militant” suffragettes were well educated, in their 30s and born in...

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  • Holocaust Memorial Day 2018

    29th January 2018

    27 January was Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) in the UK and for many countries around Europe. The date is the day in which the Death Camp of Auschwitz in occupies Poland was liberated. While the day is rooted in the genocide that marked a turning point in European history –...

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  • Historical Association Quality Mark to be sponsored by the Royal Historical Society

    22nd January 2018

    In recognition of the excellence and high standards that the HA Quality Mark (QM) can bring to a school we are delighted to announce that to help celebrate their 150th anniversary, the Royal Historical Society is to provide sponsored bursaries to ensure more schools can take part. The QM supports...

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  • HA Membership Survey Results 2017

    12th January 2018

    In our 2017 membership surveys we invited you to tell us more about your membership experience, what you value, and what we can do to improve. We would like to say a huge thank you to our 490 members who took the time to respond to the survey and share...

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