5.4 Example 2: Slavery

Example 2 

What is the truth in books for KS2 students about Slavery?

Usbourne Young Reading has produced a book called ‘The Story of Slavery' by Sarah Courtauld.  When studying this topic, a summary exercise could be for students to read the book and decide what they think should be in a similar book.

A novel called ‘Jupiter Williams' by S.I. Martin is a fictional account of a Sierra Leonean boy who was sent to the African Academy in Clapham at the beginning of the 19th century.  Again, this novel could be looked at to discuss whether there is much truth in the novel and references like the following could help in this investigation.

Mouser B. wrote about the African Academy of Clapham in the History of Education, Volume 33, Number 1, January 2004 , pp. 87-103(17).

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography talks about the Clapham Sect.


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