So, why might we need a better interpretation of life of the Victorian poor?

Learning Objectives

  • To explain how and why interpretations of the past differ.
  • That different interpretations are valid and useful depending on the audience and intended purpose.


Possible Teaching Objectives

For their ‘extended writing', pupils have to write a letter to schools encouraging them to buy the documentary they are creating (rather than the films of Oliver Twist). In it they will have to explain what they are selling, why this portrayal of workhouse life is of better use to schools, what is wrong with the films for use in school history lessons, why the films may offer the ‘wrong' view for educational purposes and where the films would be best suited. The writing frames and letter head/format listed in the resources column may be used.


Learning Outcomes

Explain why the purpose of an interpretation will affects its content and therefore the usefulness for different audiences.

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