The Battle of Agincourt (GCSE)


This resource was written by Jane Pearson, who teaches at Beaumont School in St. Albans. It looks at the Battle of Agincourt as part of the thematic study of Warfare Through Time at GCSE, though can be easily be adapted for use at A-level or Key Stage 3.

The aim of this role-play task is to get students involved in the Battle of Agincourt and to help them gain a greater understanding of the narrative and decisions that were made and consider the significance of them. At GCSE it is essential that the students do a follow-up task to show that they have retained knowledge and understanding from the task and can apply it to exam questions and in subsequent lessons to identify change over time. For Edexcel, students are required to know the reasons for the outcome of the battle and the role of Henry. The key factors that students are also expected to explore are: governments and individuals; science, technology and communications and attitudes in society.

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