Your Headteacher - Why do the Quality Mark?

We know that ensuring that your staff at all levels are developed and supported to teach history as well as rationalising and developing a strong history curriculum that meets the needs of your pupils will be high on your list of priorities. The Quality Mark encourages those leading the subject and the staff who teach it to think deeply about the history education being provided and to work to a framework that we at the HA put our weight behind as representing the elements of quality history provision. A Quality Mark in history can provide excellent preparation for an Ofsted "deep dive" as one of our QM schools has recently experienced: 

We have just had Ofsted under the new framework. History was chosen for 'deep dive.' The history QM was very useful as evidence was ready to hand and proved a certain level of teaching, leadership etc from an independent organisation. I have been recommending that the previous schools I have worked at join the QM scheme.

Why not take a look at this article from QM assessor Tim Lomas about what schools have told him they have got from the Quality Mark Process and this  interview with QM assessor Alun Morgan to gain an insight into how he believes the Quality Mark has an impact for schools. 

Below you will find two further brief information leaflets either for your own information or to use with staff. 

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