The International Journal Volume 12, Number 2


Published: 26th November 2014

Volume 12.2


New Zealand - Developing an Historical Empathy Pathway with New Zealand Secondary School Students - Martyn Davidson, University of Auckland

Cyprus - Deanna Troi and the Tardis: Does Historical Empathy have a Place in Education? Lukas N. Perikleous, University of Cyprus

Brazil - An Investigation of the Ways in which Young Brazilian Students Use Substantive Concepts of Historical Consciousness to Interpret Graphic Narratives in Historical Comic Books - Marcelo Fronza, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, Brazil

Sweden - Contact and Contrast: the Subject of History and its Relation to Students, 1905-2005 - Niklas Ammert, Linaeus University (Kalmar)  

United Kingdom - What do Thirteen and Fourteen-Year-Olds Know About the Holocaust before they Study it? Stuart Foster , London University Institute of Education and Michael Gray, Harrow School, London  

Greece - Aspects of Historical Consciousness in a Situation of Crisis - Eleni Apostouli, University of Ioannina   Greece - Student Teachers' Views on Teaching Controversial Issues in School History Courses: the impact of social, cultural and ideological Factors - Dmitri Mavroskoufis, Aristotle University of Thessoloniki, George Kokkinos, University of the Aegean, Rhodes  

United Kingdom - The Jewel in the Curriculum: Teaching the History of the British Empire - Adam Burns, University of Leicester

Spain - History Education under the New Educational Reform: New Wine in Old Bottles? Sebastien Molina, Cosme J. Gomez and Jorje Ortuno, Universitad de Murcia 

Lesotho - Teaching and Learning About World War Desasters in Lesotho Secondary Schools: the Case of the SS Erinpura Tragedy of 1943 Mary Nombulelo Ntabeni, National University of Lesotho, Roma, Lesotho

United Kingdom - How might primary trainees' experience of a humanities module in Initial Teacher Training have impacted on their understanding of teaching history to pupils with special speech, language and communication needs? Matthew Sossick, Kingston University, United Kingdom