Film: Questioning in the History Classroom Part B

Teaching History for Beginners webinar series

By Ruth Lingard, published 25th February 2021

This is the fourth film in the Teaching History for Beginners series. In this film, Ruth Lingard, head of history at Millthorpe School in York and PGCE tutor, takes us through the practical opportunities for effective questioning and the kinds of questions that lend themselves well to different purposes, second order concepts and lines of enquiry.

This series is designed to support beginning history teachers and can be used by mentors or SCITTs with new history teachers in training or by beginning teachers eager to get ahead. Each webinar, presented by experienced history ITE tutors, lecturers and mentors will upack the basics and core principles of different aspects of history teaching that all beginning history teachers will need to get to grips with.

Watch Part A here.

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