Podcast Series: German History 1918-1948

By Produced by Simon Brown, published 13th October 2015

An HA Podcasted History of Modern German History: 1918-1948 featuring: Sir Ian Kershaw, Professor Jill Stephenson of the University of Edinburgh, Dr Christina von Hodenberg of Queen Mary, University of London and Professor Benjamin Ziemann of the University of Sheffield.

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Germany 1918-1948

  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Weimar Republic?
  • How stable was the Weimar Republic between 1924-29
  • How was the Nazi Party formed?
  • What was Nazi ideology?
  • The Rise of the Nazi Party
  • What was Hitler's role?
  • Nazi creation of a Volksgemeinschaft
  • From persecution to extermination
  • How popular was the Nazi regime?
  • Did Denazification fail?
  • About the Authors