GCSE Topic Pack: Medicine through Time

Topic Pack

By Author: Melanie Jones. Web Editor: Simon Brown, published 5th June 2011

Medicine Through Time is a Development study. It traces the development of medical practice from prehistoric times to present day. This development is not always continuous and sometime knowledge went backwards or stayed the same for long periods of time. You will need to know the reasons for this. Medical developments are usually cut into specific themes as below.

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  • Introduction

Timeline of Key Points: Ancient to Early Modern

  • Prehistoric
  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Greece
  • Rome
  • Medieval Medicine
  • The Renaissance


  • Introduction - Medicine 1700-1900
  • Edwin Chadwick and Public Health.
  • 1848 - Anaesthetics
  • Women in Medicine
  • 1861 - Louis Pasteur and Germ Theory
  • 1868 - Antiseptics
  • Robert Koch

20th Century

  • 20th Century Developments