Introductory Film: Germany 1871-1945

Part of the HA Interpretations Film Series: Power and authority in Germany 1871-1991

By Dr Colin Storer, published 8th November 2022

Part of the HA Interpretations Film Series: Power and authority in Germany 1871-1991

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This open access introductory film forms part of our NEW nine-part filmed series on the development of power and authority in Germany 1871-1991 available through the Student Zone with corporate secondary membership. 

In this introduction Dr Colin Storer explores some of the themes of identity and authority that affected the new country of Germany as it tried to establish itself following unification. He challenges some of the previous ways of looking at the Imperial, Weimar and Nazi periods to explore how each stage was affected by the people below as well as the people above. Other films in the series look at:

This series brings together some of the UK’s leading historians on modern Germany to address the different ways its actions, history and impact can be explored, evaluated and interpreted. They bring together some of the freshest ideas of the historiography of Germany and how its people, culture, leadership and contradictions have had such a significant impact on modern history for all, and provide students with a resource that supports their ability to engage with key historical themes and to develop their own interpretations.   

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