Viking Burial Mound

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Jacqui Dean, last updated: 9th December 2010

In this simulation of an excavation, the children investigate a past event and imaginatively reconstruct what happened, on the basis of the evidence uncovered.

The lesson is based on a real archaeological dig by Gerhard Bersu in 1946.

Viking Burial Mound: Teachers Notes

Viking Burial Mound: Resources 

Viking Burial Mound: Ibn Fadlan Account

Viking Burial Mound: PowerPoint

Two items in the resources are supplied as separate downloads. One is a powerpoint presentation. The other is an account of Viking funeral customs by Ibn Fadlan, an Arab Muslim trader who witnessed a Viking burial in Russia in 922 AD. Read this through before sharing it with children - you may want to cut out some of the sex and violence. It is supplied as a Word document for easy editing.

Here are some of the objects found, now in the Manx Museum

Ballateare Sword

Skull of a sacrificed girl  

Read more about history and archaeology in the Spring 2009 issue of <a href="../../resources/primary_resources_3.html" onclick="'_blank'">Primary History

We are grateful to David M. Wilson for his kind permission to reproduce the material you can download from this page.



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