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Publication date: 8th December 2010 by Jacqui Dean

Vikings: Egils Saga

Key questions in this lesson were:

  • What did the Vikings value? 
  • What can we discover from sagas and poetry?

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Learning objectives:

  • To introduce the class to another facet of Viking culture - their literature, in the form of sagas and poetry.
  • For the children to appreciate the value the Vikings placed on poetry, on fame and reputation, on prowess in battle, and on material rewards.


  • To introduce the children to the beauties and intricacies of Viking poetry and to provide a model for their own writing.


Background information

Who were the Vikings (and what made them tick)? We had five afternoons to explore this with our year 5/6 class.

We taught this lesson, dealing with Viking sagas and poetry, and Viking values, in Week 4. This was after the class had 'excavated' a Viking burial mound, conducted group investigations of aspects of Viking life, and discovered what place names could tell us about Viking settlement patterns.


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