Course: Practical approaches to teaching primary history

About this course

Discover what makes quality teaching of history by exploring how to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum through practical creative methods, which will engage children in interactive methods which can be adopted and adapted for different age groups or themes, whilst ensuring progression and challenge for all.

We will look at how to develop the skills of young historians with practical ways to develop enquiry and perceptive, historically valid questions, careful observation and critical judgement of evidence and the development of perceptions of the past. There will also be opportunities to share good practice.

Learning outcomes

This course will:

  • Present practical ways to encourage a 'hands on' approach and ways to put the story back into history, with suggestions of how to evidence in children’s books.
  • Inspire you how to achieve an engaging interactive approach to the teaching of history through the use of artefacts, pictures and other historical sources.
  • Unpick the National Curriculum, to fully understand how to ensure coverage of the aims with progression and challenge for all
  • Provide the opportunity to explore some fantastic resources to bring history alive and a wide range of books, games, packs and artefacts which you can try before you buy!

Course leader

This course is led by Chris Trevor, a primary education consultant with many years' experience of teaching every year in the primary age range, and as Cheshire County Council Advisor for History, Geography and Creative Cross-Curricular Learning. She is a member of the HA Primary Committee and also presents the course Becoming an effective primary history subject leader

How to book

Price: HA members £180, non-members £240. Special discounted rates are available for those who have previously attended our Becoming an effective primary history subject leader course. Prices are inclusive of VAT and are subject to online booking fees from Eventbrite.

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Available dates

In the autumn term, this course will take place on the following dates:

Online: 7 December, 9am-4.30pm

For any enquiries please contact