Webinar series: Weaving historical scholarship into primary history

HA CPD for primary teachers

Primary teachers are expected to be experts in everything. If you feel that your history subject knowledge could do with a brush up, then this series is for you. The Historical Association has teamed up with some leading historians and experienced teachers to bring you up to speed on the latest perspectives on various periods in the primary history curriculum, as well as considering how these historians can shape our practice in the classroom.

These sessions will provide four things:

  • a leading historian speaking about their period of expertise, covering aspects of what we currently teach in the classroom or what could be taught in the classroom;
  • an opportunity to ask questions of the historian;
  • an experienced teacher to consider how to use the historian’s work in planning or adapting a unit of study;
  • the space to discuss how to bring the latest historical scholarship into the classroom.


Previous topics covered include: Ancient Greece, Anglo-Saxon England, Benin. These recordings will become available as part of our on-demand offer in Autumn 2024.

Session 4: Egypt

Part A: Subject knowledge 
1 May, 4pm–5.30pm 

Ancient Egypt is popular in primary school classrooms, but the topic can appear vast and difficult to navigate. In this Q&A-style talk, leading Egyptologist Professor Toby Wilkinson will take us through 6 key areas of the subject, presenting the latest thinking and exploring the questions that arise. His talk will focus on: the timespan of ‘Ancient Egypt’ and the key periods within it; how mummies fit into the wider culture; the role of the pharaoh and some important rulers (besides Tutankhamun); the life of ordinary people; the role of trade and empire in ancient Egyptian history; current archaeology in Egypt.

Part B: Curriculum thinking and pedagogy 
16 May, 4pm–5.30pm  

In this follow-up session, experienced teacher, teacher educator and consultant Karin Doull will focus directly upon the subject knowledge updates and insights provided by Toby Wilkinson and explore the implications this has for our curriculum planning and teaching of Ancient Egypt. Participants will leave the session with a secure understanding of how they can ensure that their teaching of the period reflects the latest scholarship as well as feeling confident in their subject knowledge.

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Session 5: Rome

Part A: Subject knowledge 
10 June, 4pm–5.30pm 

In the first of this two-part session, renowned classicist and passionate advocate for teaching the ancient world, Professor Mary Beard, will unpack some key updates of Ancient Rome and dispel some enduring myths. In this session, Professor Beard will discuss the founding of Rome, its expansion, and key individuals such as Julius Caesar and the first emperor Octavian (Augustus).

Part B: Curriculum thinking and pedagogy 
26 June, 4pm–5.30pm  

In this second session, experienced teacher Steve Mastin will consider the implications for our teaching of Professor Beard's research and insights. We will explore how we can use her research to improve our teaching of Ancient Rome in the primary curriculum. Participants will leave the session with a secure understanding of how they can ensure that their teaching of Ancient Rome reflects the latest scholarship, as well as feeling confident in their subject knowledge.

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Booking and costs

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£34.99 for HA members, £65 non-members

Each session is available to book online and includes the subject knowledge and pedagogy webinars for the given topic, including access to recordings. The constituent parts are not available to book separately. To access the member price please provide your membership number when prompted. 

For any enquiries please contact events@history.org.uk. All Historical Association events are subject to the HA CPD terms and conditions