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  • DfE clarifies reference to enquiry-based learning

    8th August 2018

    Following the Department of Education’s recent call for pilot schools to bid for Curriculum Development Funds, the Historical Association (HA) sought clarification specifically connected to disciplinary understanding. Within the guidance, the DfE sets out its criteria for programmes, one of which is that they should be structured on the basis of...

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  • What is your favourite history place?

    3rd August 2018

    One of the fortunate things about the UK is how many places of historical interest there are all around us. There is evidence of the past everywhere, from very old sites like Iron Age Hill forts and ancient standing stones through to places of recent history such as the 2012...

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  • Primary History 79: Out now

    16th July 2018

    As the academic year draws to a close I find myself reflecting on the trials and tribulations, successes and regrets of the past 12 months. This is now the end of my third year at this school and it has felt like my second. I’m sure everyone knows what a...

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  • HA Awards Evening 2018

    5th July 2018

    At the end of a sweltering June the Historical Association gathered in London for our annual awards evening. Each year this wonderful event is an opportunity to celebrate some of the people that make history happen across the country on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For 2018 as the...

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  • Women’s Suffrage: history and citizenship resources for schools


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  • Teaching History 171: Out now

    24th June 2018

    In recent years, lively debates about the role of knowledge and especially about pedagogies for ensuring its secure acquisition have raged across England’s educational landscape. Much of this has arisen from a new interest, by teachers, in the cognitive science of memory. A common critical reaction to this new emphasis...

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  • Wolfson History Prize 2018 Winner Announced

    7th June 2018

    This year the Wolfson History Prize has been won by Professor Peter Marshall for Heretics and Believers: A history of the English Reformation. We would like to send our congratulations to Professor Marshall of the University of Warwick for his impressive win with an excellent book. A couple of years ago Professor...

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  • Get ahead in Secondary teaching

    1st June 2018

    Calling all secondary trainee teachers!  To help kick-start your career the HA is offering a two-year membership deal for just £70.50 – which works out at less than 68 pence per week. This deal is 10% cheaper than standard concessionary membership, and also includes a special renewal offer at the end...

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  • HA Conference Round-up 2018

    25th May 2018

    Alas it is gone (possibly pursued by a bear or two). If you weren’t in Stratford-upon-Avon on the weekend of 18-19 May then you missed a corker. If you were there, please let us know what you thought by filling out our short HA conference evaluation form.  Day 1: Civil liberties, Cymbeline... and a lot...

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  • AGM 2018

    24th May 2018

    Notice is hereby given that the 111th Annual General Meeting of the Historical Association will be held at Foyles, 107 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DT from 5.15 – 6.00 p.m. on Thursday 28 June 2018.  All members are welcome. Any member wishing to raise a motion not already on the...

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