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  • Teaching History 172: Out now

    23rd September 2018

    Access Teaching History 172 here (free to HA Secondary Members) Editorial: Cause and consequence While we suspect that few history teachers would accept EH Carr’s famous dictum that ‘the study of history is a study of causes’, causality is such a mainstay of school history that it seems surprising that...

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  • The Great Debate 2019

    21st September 2018

    The Historical Association is inviting schools to take part in the 2019 Great Debate: the historical public-speaking competition for students aged 16-19.  Local heats will take place across the country during autumn 2018 with the winners competing in the Grand Final at Windsor Castle in March 2019. The final is funded...

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  • Get ahead in Secondary teaching

    News Item

    Calling all secondary trainee teachers!  To help kick-start your career the HA is offering a two-year membership deal for just £70.50 – which works out at less than 68 pence per week. This deal is 10% cheaper than standard concessionary membership, and also includes a special renewal offer at the end...

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  • The Historian 138: Out now

    23rd August 2018

    We are drawing towards the close of the First World War centenary. This November there will be lots of stories in the media about that period. We wanted to get some of our coverage done early – partly before you all get bogged down with an overload, but also to...

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  • GCSE results 2018

    23rd August 2018

    Teachers – well done on getting your students this far – time for a pat on the back. (Congratulations to students too!) We know it’s been a tough few years – new exam, with new subject areas and no time to embed or try out the new approaches, but you’ve...

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  • Congratulations to all A-Level History Students

    16th August 2018

    Whatever the outcome, getting this far along the qualification ladder is something to be proud of. Studying history can be tough – it is a subject that requires its students to have a good in-depth knowledge on many issues, themes and subjects, and to be able to critique, evaluate, assess...

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  • DfE clarifies reference to enquiry-based learning

    8th August 2018

    Following the Department of Education’s recent call for pilot schools to bid for Curriculum Development Funds, the Historical Association (HA) sought clarification specifically connected to disciplinary understanding. Within the guidance, the DfE sets out its criteria for programmes, one of which is that they should be structured on the basis of...

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  • What is your favourite history place?

    3rd August 2018

    One of the fortunate things about the UK is how many places of historical interest there are all around us. There is evidence of the past everywhere, from very old sites like Iron Age Hill forts and ancient standing stones through to places of recent history such as the 2012...

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  • Primary History 79: Out now

    16th July 2018

    Access Primary History 79 (Free to HA Primary members) As the academic year draws to a close I find myself reflecting on the trials and tribulations, successes and regrets of the past 12 months. This is now the end of my third year at this school and it has felt...

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  • HA Awards Evening 2018

    5th July 2018

    At the end of a sweltering June the Historical Association gathered in London for our annual awards evening. Each year this wonderful event is an opportunity to celebrate some of the people that make history happen across the country on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For 2018 as the...

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