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  • Honorary Fellows 2022

    14th June 2022

    Each year we aim to recognise a number of individuals whose support for their subject in all walks – education, heritage, community, public history and in academic history – is truly outstanding. As a charity with a small staff the Historical Association relies on members of the history community as...

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  • Annual General Meeting 2022

    25th April 2022

    Thank you for being a member of the Historical Association. Your membership is what enables the HA to continue supporting the teaching, learning and enjoyment of history at all levels, for generations to come. As part of our membership community you are important in shaping the development of the association,...

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  • The Medlicott Medal 2022  

    1st April 2022

    We are pleased to announce that Professor David Olusoga is to be awarded the Medlicott Medal for Service to History.   The award seeks to recognise individuals from a diversity of backgrounds in their service to history. Past recipients of the Medal are all distinguished and outstanding individuals in their fields, whether through scholarship in the sense...

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  • History Educators International Research Network Conference: HEIRNET 2022 Amsterdam Conference

    23rd March 2022

    HEIRNET is a friendly, diverse, inclusive and supportive association that brings together colleagues from around the world interested in History Education's cultural, educational, ideological, moral, social, political, religious and citizenship roles. Amsterdam is the perfect venue for the live and online HEIRNET 2022 conference. Since the 16th century cosmopolitan  Amsterdam...

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  • The Young Quills longlist 2022

    11th February 2022

    The Young Quills longlist for 2022 is now in schools. If you are looking for something to excite students this term with reading then take a look at our latest Young Quills books. The books listed below have all been dispatched to HA member schools up and down the country...

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  • 70 years – 70 ‘things’ that tell our story

    1st February 2022

    Would you nominate the laptop computer or the mobile phone? Is it an image of the Maze Prison or of a map of Berlin that you would include on your list as objects that tell the story of the last 70 years? The Historical Association would like to put together...

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  • Your Secondary CPD calendar Summer 2022

    News Item

    We know that it's not easy for teachers to get out of school or have budgets to afford a plentiful supply of CPD. We know how essential your CPD is to you and that is why we have worked to provide a wide range of online learning and webinar-based CPD...

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  • Young Historian Awards 2022 – take part (Secondary prizes)

    4th November 2021

    Researching, writing and presenting ideas about a historical theme or period is one of the best parts about studying history. We want young school and college aged students to get the bug for writing about history in an incisive, interesting and critical way. That is why each year the Historical...

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  • The Historical Association Honorary Fellows 2021

    30th April 2021

    The HA has a number of Fellowships and Fellows. Some are for teaching achievements, some are from participation on a course or similar, others are for lengthy membership such as our Jubilee Fellows – and then we have our Honorary Fellows. These are awarded to people who have shown dedication...

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  • Stephen Lawrence Day 2021

    14th April 2021

    22 April is Stephen Lawrence Day, marking the anniversary of his murder in 1993. The killing of Stephen Lawrence by a group of young men simply because he was Black was a horrific crime, but the failure to correctly pursue the killers because of the Metropolitan Police’s own racism was an appalling...

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