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  • Teaching History 168: out now

    20th September 2017

    ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ In England, as we embark on another academic year with no end in sight to curriculum reform, this particular journey does seem to have gone on for a long time. When grappling with the challenges posed by simultaneous reforms to both A-level and GCSE the demands of...

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  • Teaching the Age of Revolutions (1755-1848)

    14th September 2017

    Working with the broader Waterloo200 education legacy plan the Historical Association is pleased to announce an ambitious new three-year education programme that will focus on teacher subject knowledge and subject pedagogy to help embed the teaching of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century history in UK schools. At the heart...

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  • Well done on GCSE results!

    24th August 2017

    Congratulations to all students getting your results today – whatever your history result, you have just passed a big milestone in your life. With all the pressures of the modern world it is important to now take some time out to just relax before the next stage takes over. If...

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  • Well done on A Level results day!

    17th August 2017

    Congratulations to all our budding young historians for their A-level results and to their teachers for inspiring them with a love for history and helping them achieve their grades. Students who sat their A-level history in June were the first cohort to be examined in the recently revised linear A-levels....

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  • Podcast Series: Indian Independence movements

    15th August 2017

    70 years on from Indian Independence, we are delighted to release two new podcasts looking in depth at the movements that led to the historic events of August 1947. In the first podcast, Dr Pritipuspa Mishra from the University of Southampton questions to what extent the independence movement was a unified...

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  • The Partition of India – 70 years on

    3rd August 2017

    Britain had formally governed the Indian subcontinent from 1858, although its influence there had been growing for the previous two centuries. India was considered the jewel in the crown of the British Empire. Political, ethnic and regional movements in India were opposed to being part of a foreign Empire, and...

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  • The Historian 134: out now

    20th July 2017

    The idea behind this edition emerged from a discussion on how we ought to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Indian independence. From that, our discussions widened to consider how empires end in general, and to discover where new thinking about this can help us understand the dynamics of Empire. Most...

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  • Poland visit - invitation to HA Members

    14th July 2017

    The Embassy of the Republic of Poland are happy to announce and cordially invite members of Historical Association to an educator’s four-day trip to Poland at the end of August. The trip is designed for authors of British history textbooks, editors and secondary school history teachers, with the purpose of...

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  • National History Book Competition

    6th July 2017

    Entries for this year’s Historical Association - Amberley Publishing National History Book Competition have been of a very high standard. The staff at Amberley Publishing have been busy reading submissions and have produced the shortlist for 2017: The Mighty Atom: James Catton, Sports Reporter: a history of the British sporting...

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  • Becoming an Effective Primary History Subject Leader

    News Item

    Friday 13 October 2017 - Birmingham (Venue TBC) Monday 5 February 2018 - London (TBC) Tuesday 5 March 2018 - Leeds (TBC) Time: 10.00am - 4.30pm Course Leader: Chris Trevor Price: HA members £150 plus VAT, non-members £200 plus VAT Book your place now via Eventbrite... Did you know it's...

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