General Interest

  • The Empathy Effect: call for papers

    7th December 2017

    Teachers across the world use literary texts and creative writing exercises to teach about conflict, whatever historians may say about this practice. Such use of literary texts is not limited to literature classes, but extends to history lessons, albeit with slightly different aims and framing, and it extends to questions...

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  • October Revolution 1917 Centenary

    7th November 2017

    The Russian Revolution of October/November 1917 is undoubtedly one of the most important events of the early twentieth century. While revolutions were not new (indeed Russia had already had one in spring 1917), the seizing of power by the Bolsheviks and the introduction of a communist state most certainly was....

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  • York BBC History Weekend

    30th October 2017

    Join BBC History Magazine in historic York, for a fantastic weekend featuring talks from over 25 of the world’s leading historians and authors including Dan Jones, Michael Wood and Alison Weir. From 24-26 November the festival will feature a diverse range of fascinating talks covering topics from the Anglo-Saxons and...

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  • Black History Month

    6th October 2017

    October is Black History Month: an opportunity to raise the profile of Black history. What is 'Black history'? The term ‘Black history’ covers a wide spectrum. Is it just about the presence of Black peoples in the UK, or is it about the history of mighty nations and continents, such...

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  • Education, College Women and Suffrage: International Perspectives

    20th September 2017

    Pioneers of women’s higher or further education in different countries both supported and distanced themselves from contemporary suffrage campaigns for a range of reasons. Women who had benefitted from a college education that had introduced them to ideas of equality, democracy and citizenship also joined both sides of the suffrage...

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  • The Gloucester History Festival

    7th September 2017

    This year’s Gloucester History Festival (2nd – 17th September) has an intriguing and wide-ranging programme celebrating the theme of ‘revolution and innovation’ with over 100 events across the City. In our Blackfriars Talks series, we welcome Dan Snow and his History Hit show and hear Tony Robinson talking about his historical passions....

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  • Call for Papers: The Ever Present Past

    4th August 2017

    History Department Annual Conference for Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers In a political and social climate where the future is becoming more daunting and unknown, the past is ever present. Through mass media, anniversaries, popular literature, television and film, there is a tendency to look back. As historians it is...

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  • Out of the Shadows Conference 2017

    7th July 2017

    Join us for a day full of talks, debate, workshops, role play and mock campaigns, as we examine a wide range of thought-provoking topics including: UK Government: Power of the Prime Minister US Government: Power of the President and Congress Warfare Global politics Intelligence The Cold War Electoral interference Drones...

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  • 2017 Medlicott Medal

    14th June 2017

    We are delighted to announce that the Medlicott Medal for 2017 has been awarded to Professor Mary Beard OBE FSA FBA. Mary Beard is known to many through her television and radio work and her highly acclaimed books. She is Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge and editor...

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  • Battle of Messines Ridge centenary

    9th June 2017

    Messines Ridge is part of the arc of high ground in the south-east corner around Ypres in Flanders, to which the Germans tactically withdrew in autumn 1914 helping to form the Ypres Salient. From this vantage point the Germans were able to see just about anything the Allies did in...

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