General Interest

  • The HA's Great Debate Final and winner 2012

    15th March 2012

    Arianna Azari the winner of the Historical Associations' ‘Great Debate' 2012 The Historical Association' Great Debate once more showcased the outstanding ability of young people to engage with history. Individuals, movements, technology and events were all discussed to illustrate the question ‘Why history matters to me'. The winner Arianna, from...

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  • The HA honours Bettany Hughes for services to History

    13th February 2012

    Medlicot Medal 2012 The Historical Association is awarding the annual prestigious award for service to History to the academic and broadcaster Bettany Hughes. The HA is the main organisation for the study and representation of history outside of academic bodies. Founded in 1906 it is an independent charity incorporated by Royal...

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  • The Right Kind of History: Listen to the Podcast

    9th December 2011

    Is there a 'right kind if history'? In recent weeks Sir David Cannadine has been in the news about the history teaching in schools. He has done the unthinkable, he has traced the teaching of history in state schools since the beginning. Was there a golden age of teaching when...

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  • Up to 4 million pages of historical newspapers now searchable online

    30th November 2011

    Up to 4 million pages of historical newspapers now searchable online here... Unparalleled access to a treasure trove of stories Up to 4 million pages from the British Library's newspaper collections Will transform family history research The British Library and online publisher brightsolid today launch a website that will transform...

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  • Explore First World War records

    27th November 2011

    On the 11th November 1918, 93 years ago, Allied and German troops agreed to end the First World War. More than 8 million men and women saw service in the British forces during 'the war to end all wars', a significant proportion of the British population.       The National Archives is...

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  • The Great Debate 2011/12

    8th October 2011

    The Historical Association will be running a historical debating competition across schools in the UK and the Republic of Ireland this autumn/winter culminating in a grand final at Merton College, Oxford on 10th March 2012. Students from across these countries aged between 16 and 19 will be debating the question: "Why...

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  • Street Museum Londoninium App

    19th August 2011

    This new free app combines an ancient map of Rome with today's modern London map to show you what the city looked like over 2000 years ago. Did you know The Roman Temple of Mithras stood just moments away from where Bank Tube station is now situated? Or that the...

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  • The History Girls: blog by historical fiction writers

    11th July 2011

    The History Girls is a new joint blog by writers of historical fiction. 26 first-rate writers are lined up to produce a daily blogpost across a range of subjects in the genre. (photo by History Girl Caroline Lawrence) Prize-winning, internationally renowned authors of YA historical fiction like Celia Rees ,Theresa Breslin,...

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  • Top historians gather in London for HA's awards evening 2011

    23rd June 2011

    On 23 June 2011 some of the UK's leading historians gathered in London to celebrate contributors to the subject. The Historical Associations annual event is becoming a must for local, educational and academic historians. In the audience were lovers of history from across the UK excited to be part of an...

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  • Young Quills Awards 2010

    5th June 2011

    [Historical Fiction reviewed and nominated by young readers!]  The Historical Association announces the shortlist for the 2010 Young Quills Award. This  prize has two separate categories; Primary and  Secondary, although some books obviously fit into both categories. Books are selected for the shortlist by children reviewers in each category.In order to...

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