Our 45 branches across the country each put on around 10 lectures a year, on all aspects and periods of history. To find out what’s going on at a branch near you see our Branch programmes pages, or you can view all Branch events in our calendar.

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  • Historical Association Annual Conference 2019

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    Book now at This year the HA Annual Conference is in one of England’s oldest cities – Chester. With some of the UK’s richest Roman remains, alongside medieval structures, a Norman castle and a Victorian shopping centre, Chester has a lot to offer a historian. History tours of the...

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  • Webinar: The women's suffrage movement

    2nd July 2019

    In this webinar, Tara Morton will share her research for the database of 3,000 suffrage campaigners on She will share her journey into the archives, reaching back to the symbolic beginnings of the organised women’s suffrage movement in 1866, when almost 1,500 women signed a petition for female suffrage,...

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  • Webinar: The Spanish Civil War and Franco’s Spain

    10th June 2019

    Dr David Brydan is a Lecturer in the History of Modern International Relations at King's College London. His research revolves around the history of international cooperation and exchange in the twentieth century, focusing on the history of modern Spain and the Franco era. In this webinar he will examine Spanish...

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  • Webinar: Henry VIII as a Medieval King

    2nd April 2019

    Steven Gunn is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Oxford, where his research interests lie in the political, social, cultural and military history of England and its continental neighbours from the mid-fifteenth to the later sixteenth century. In this webinar he will scrutinise the kingship of Henry...

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  • Webinar: International Relations between the World Wars

    27th March 2019

    This webinar will juxtapose insights by an older body of scholarship on interwar diplomacy with a number of more recent approaches. Newer works have begun to shed new light on issues such as the roles played by the new international organisations created after 1919; attempts to tackle refugee movements and...

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  • Webinar: New research on the Stalin era: Terror, Gulag, and the Stalinist soul

    4th June 2019

    This talk will explore some of the currents in recent research on the Stalin period, exploring how possibilities for archival research since the collapse of Soviet power, along with new historiographical approaches, have re-shaped the historical literature on Stalinism. It will explain how our knowledge of who Stalin's victims were...

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