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    Continue your journey of discovery with HA membership.  Through membership of the Historical Association you can gain so much - whether it's through expanding your historical knowledge, meet new people or gaining help with research, the HA has something for you. Membership starts from as little as £38 at concessionary...

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  • The Historian 131: Out Now

    11th November 2016

    The Historian’s unique status as a membership journal brings with it many advantages deriving from its position in the voluntary sector. I t means, for example, that all our contributors are volunteers who share the wider membership’s enthusiasm for history in all its forms. Feedback from members reveals that they...

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  • Young Historian Awards 2016 - Winners

    28th October 2016

    It's that time of year again when we celebrate the future of history by recognising young historians. Each year the Historical Association partners with the Spirit of Normandy Trust to award young historians who have shown excellent knowledge and demonstrated historical argument around a subject associated with a series of...

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  • Did your ancestor fight in the Hundred Years War?

    20th October 2016

    If you’ve ever wondered whether your ancestors served as a medieval soldier in the Hundred Years War, a newly launched website from historians at the universities of Southampton and Reading may have the answer. The names of over 3,500 French soldiers linked to the Battle of Agincourt (1415) have been...

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  • The Heroine Project Presents

    31st August 2016

    In 1915 aspiring journalist Dorothy Lawrence left London for northern France with ambitions to become the first female war correspondent. What happened next defied authority, convention – and challenges traditional depictions of women’s role in World War One. Theatre company The Heroine Project Presents will create a lasting legacy for...

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  • Antony Beevor Medlicott Speech 2016

    16th August 2016

    Eminent historian Antony Beevor is one of those writers who is respected and admired by his peers, as well as being popular with a mass audience. His many books published over the last 35 years have explored aspects of Britain and Europe’s military history that have brought the human side...

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  • The Historian 130: Out now

    2nd August 2016

    The origins of this edition of The Historian lie in the realisation that 1916 was a huge landmark in the course of the First World War. The first great campaign of Kitchener’s ‘new Army’ was to take place on the Somme, in July 1916, and was to break through the...

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  • The centenary of the Battle of the Somme

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    Up and down the UK and parts of France, as well as across the world vigils will be held over the next 141 days for those that fought and were affected by the Battle of the Somme. It is typical for most nations to commemorate their victories and successes and...

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  • The HA Conference 2016 - Report

    15th June 2016

    In May the HA office uprooted and transferred to Harrogate – yes it was annual conference! Now historians can occasionally be accused of not being good with change and that might be why some were confused that we held it a week later than usual – but they weren’t as...

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  • Film: An Interview with Antony Beevor

    25th May 2016

    The 2016 Medlicott Medal for services to history will be presented to Antony Beevor this July. He is a popular historian with a loyal following while also being a heavy duty writer whose preparation and research for each of his books takes him years and into archives across the world....

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