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  • October Revolution 1917 Centenary

    7th November 2017

    The Russian Revolution of October/November 1917 is undoubtedly one of the most important events of the early twentieth century. While revolutions were not new (indeed Russia had already had one in spring 1917), the seizing of power by the Bolsheviks and the introduction of a communist state most certainly was....

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  • York BBC History Weekend

    30th October 2017

    Join BBC History Magazine in historic York, for a fantastic weekend featuring talks from over 25 of the world’s leading historians and authors including Dan Jones, Michael Wood and Alison Weir. From 24-26 November the festival will feature a diverse range of fascinating talks covering topics from the Anglo-Saxons and...

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  • Exhibition Launch: Hidden Histories, Hidden Historians

    20th October 2017

    Join us for the launch of the Hidden Histories, Hidden Historians exhibition at Archives+ in Manchester Central Library from 3pm-5pm on Saturday 11 November 2017. Hidden Histories, Hidden Historians is a multi-media exhibition by five community groups from across Greater Manchester who have explored their own hidden histories; taking them on a journey...

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  • The Cold War

    29th September 2017

    Finding a specific date for the start of the Cold War is difficult, but most historians would agree that by autumn of 1947 the division between East and West was set. Relations between the Allies had been awkward at various points throughout the Second World War, after all for many...

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  • Tracing London Convicts in Britain & Australia

    22nd September 2017

    Family historians, teachers, crime writers and academics can follow the lives of people convicted and transported to Australia or imprisoned in Britain using a vast, new, free online resource. The Digital Panopticon website draws on over four million records to allow users to uncover how punishment affected the lives of...

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  • Education, College Women and Suffrage: International Perspectives

    20th September 2017

    Pioneers of women’s higher or further education in different countries both supported and distanced themselves from contemporary suffrage campaigns for a range of reasons. Women who had benefitted from a college education that had introduced them to ideas of equality, democracy and citizenship also joined both sides of the suffrage...

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  • Ancient Athens revealed through its inscriptions

    18th September 2017

    Attic inscriptions in UK collections to be made accessible in new project All the stone inscriptions from ancient Athens in UK collections are to be made public in English translations for the first time, thanks to a new project led by Cardiff University. Created by the inhabitants of the ancient...

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  • Jubilee Fellows 2017

    23rd August 2017

    The Historical Association Jubilee Fellowships were introduced in 2011 to recognise those individuals who through their membership of the HA had been supporting our work as a charity for over 50 years. Many have supported history in other ways, as teachers, lecturers, writers, archivists, curators, local historians, HA branch volunteers...

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  • The Partition of India – 70 years on

    3rd August 2017

    Britain had formally governed the Indian subcontinent from 1858, although its influence there had been growing for the previous two centuries. India was considered the jewel in the crown of the British Empire. Political, ethnic and regional movements in India were opposed to being part of a foreign Empire, and...

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  • The Russian Revolution - Fort Nelson Commemorations

    2nd August 2017

    To commemorate the hundredth year after the Russian Revolution, Royal Armouries museum at Fort Nelson are inviting visitors to attend an after-hours talk on Wednesday 20 September with guest speaker Dr Paul Flenley. Dr Paul Flenley, Subject Leader and Principal Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Portsmouth University, will...

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