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  • HA Conference 2017 - Report

    18th May 2017

    The Historical Association Annual Conference is always an exciting time – an opportunity to listen to expert speakers, share ideas, discuss different approaches, learn something new, meet with  old friends, make new ones and generally embrace history geekdom. This year in Manchester was no exception. Over 350 people descended on...

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  • The Historian 133: Out Now

    1st May 2017

    This edition of The Historian sets out particularly to celebrate the life of Asa Briggs. It focuses on his work and achievements as an historian, in the widest possible sense of being someone who shaped the discipline as well as inspiring others through his research, teaching and writing. This is...

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  • US entry into WWI

    6th April 2017

    When the war started in August 1914, the USA led by President Woodrow Wilson pledged neutrality. Wilson was a man committed to peace and non-engagement in European conflicts suited the majority of the US population. There were groups that felt that Britain and France were the natural allies to the...

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  • National History Book Competition 2017

    News Item

    Following its successful launch last year, the Historical Association and Amberley Publishing are delighted to announce details of the competition for this year. The aim of the competition is to find the best unpublished history book either from an aspiring or an established author. Whether you have a completed manuscript...

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  • Women's History Month 2017: Are we there yet? Women as equals in a modern world

    8th March 2017

    For International Women’s Day and Women’s History month we are releasing our podcasts on: The Women’s Movement - Social and Political Change in the UK 1800-present. In the UK during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries women in organised groups began to challenge the world around them. They fought to be...

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  • Branch Podcast: Good Evening Sweetheart

    5th March 2017

    Just before our "Good Evening Sweetheart" talk (9th February) was due to start in Hillhead Library a young lady librarian rushed in waving a sheet of paper, looking very excited - the Secretary wondered if we were double booked and about to be asked to leave.  But no!   She announced...

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  • Podcast Series: The Women's Movement

    Multipage Article

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  • Professor W.A. Speck

    1st March 2017

    We are very sad to announce the death of Professor Bill Speck. Bill was President of the HA from 1999 to 2002 and editor of the journal History from 1986 to 1992. Bill was a greatly admired and respected historian as well as a kind and much loved person. He...

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  • Great Debate Final 2016/17

    1st March 2017

    The final of the Historical Association's Great Debate public-speaking competition will take place on Saturday 11 March 2017 at the Imperial War Museum, London. The final will see 19 historians aged 16-18 - each the victor of their own regional heat - compete in a test of historical argument and...

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  • The Historian 132: Out Now

    9th February 2017

    The theme of this edition is ‘Journeys’. Our contributors have been asked to explore a journey, be it a journey through time or space. At the heart of each of their articles are people – bodyguards or commuters, historians or gardeners, mercenaries or nurses, queens or spies – and in...

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