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  • The Future of History in our Schools Debate 2010

    29th July 2010

    Whether you have children or not, whether you're a teacher or not, if you have a love of History this debate matters to you. The media and politicians like nothing better than to comment on what children do or do not know - and History gets it in the neck...

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  • My Name is Nero. Write Your Own Historical Story Competition 2010.

    20th July 2010

    Write Your Own Historical Story Competition 2010. As part of this competition the winners were invited to have their stories published on the Historical Association website. In the best stories pupils deliberately drew upon the historical fiction writer's devices to write well. They had clearly been explicitly taught how to...

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  • What do Peter Cook and Emperor Napoleon III have in common?

    8th July 2010

    The answer is they are both among the 850 people who are commemorated by official plaques in London. But until now there was no easy way of pinpointing the location of these famous markers. That is set to change with the launch of a new website, plaqueguide.com, which allows people...

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  • Ian Mason's Branch Report to the 2010 AGM

    20th June 2010

    Report to AGM of the Branches and Members Committee  14 May 2010   Meetings since AGM in Leicester, 9/5/09:1.Birmingham Midlands Institute, 6/6/09;2.London Institute for Hist.Research,19/9/09;3.London NCVO,Branch Officers' Meeting,7/11/094.London NCVO, 6/2/10.  Committee Members: Chairholder: Mr.Ian C.Mason, FHAHon.Sec of Cumbria Branch; Deputy Chairholder: Mr.John TillShropshire Branch Officer; Professor G.Batho; G.Bisson;T.Blunden; R.Burgess; J.Golding; R.Hill;...

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  • Report on the County Societies Symposium 2010

    10th June 2010

    Report on the County Societies Symposium held at the Institute of Historical Research on Saturday 1 May 2010 This one day symposium was organised by the Victoria County History in partnership with the Institute of Historical Research, the British Association for Local History, the Historical Association, the Royal Historical Society...

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  • Humanist Heritage

    6th June 2010

    Every June the British Humanist Association (BHA) holds an awareness week around International Humanist Day. This year's Humanist Week, 21-27 June, has the theme of Humanist Heritage. Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the BHA and a HA member says, 'From George Eliot to Aphra Behn, Viscount Morley to Bertrand Russell,...

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  • Black Saturday: Cuban Missile Crisis

    27th April 2010

    Saturday 27th October 1962 marked the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was the day on which a Soviet SAM missile battery shot down an American U-2 spyplane over the Island. Declared American policy in such an event was to retaliate by launching an attack on an least one SAM...

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  • Victorian Gadgets

    24th April 2010

    "Weird, eccentric and everyday gadgets, contraptions and oddities from the past"How the collection startedIt all started down a hole in the ground on a Victorian rubbish dump in North London, my son, aged 13 decided that he wanted to dig for old bottles and pot lids on a local dump...

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  • Report from Strategic Academic Stakeholder Forum 2010

    5th April 2010

    Report  from Strategic Academic Stakeholder Forum meeting, 19 February 2010 At the end of 2009, the National Archives formed the Strategic Academic Stakeholder Forum, which brings together senior management from TNA and representatives of the academic research community. The latter is represented by the Royal Historical Society, the British Academy,...

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  • Story Vault

    5th April 2010

    StoryVault.Com goes live - a portal to the past for future generationsHow often have you heard a person speaking and said "someone should record this before it's too late?" Fascinating memories from ordinary people which should not be allowed to be forgotten....Now you can, thanks to the ‘public' launch (1st...

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