History Abridged: Balmoral

Historian feature

By James Sewry, published 25th August 2022


History Abridged: This feature seeks to take a person, event or period and abridge, or focus on, an important event or detail that can get lost in the big picture. Think Horrible Histories for grownups (without the songs and music). See all History Abridged articles

Royal majesty is buttressed by architecture and buildings that reflect the status, wealth, power and architectural interest of the monarch. The Queen, famously, enjoys the use of some of the most conspicuous, immediately recognisable and well-visited buildings in the country: Windsor Castle is visited by nearly one and a half million people each year. But just as important, perhaps, as these official, more public-facing buildings, are the royal family’s private residences, and in particular one sitting north of the English border: Balmoral...

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