Native North Americans in Britain

By Professor David Stirrup, published 29th June 2022

In this podcast Professor David Stirrup of the University of Kent looks at the relationship between the early English and British settlers and the Native North Americans they encountered. Professor Stirrup examines how this relationship and perceptions developed, the migration of Native Americans to Britain and provides insight on what students need to be thinking about when engaging with this history.

1. Introduction: The early relationship between English settlers and Native North Americans
2. When do we start to see migration of Native North Americans to Britain?
3. How does that develop over the early Stuart period?
4. What kind of impact did Pocahontas have on the people of London? How was she perceived?
5. What kind of sources do you use from the 16th and 17th centuries?
6. How do relations develop in the later Stuart period?
7. What sources do you have on Native American perspectives on Britain?
8. Can you tell us a little about the diversity of Native Americans? What should students be thinking about when engaging with this history?

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