The Relationship between the North American Colonies and the Stuarts

By Dr Edward Holberton, published 18th February 2022

A Transatlantic Conversation

In this podcast, Dr Edward Holberton of the University of Bristol discusses the changing relationship between the British state and the North American colonies during the 17th and early 18th centuries. Dr Holberton explores what we can learn from an examination of some of the literary sources and writers of the period and what they reveal about British and North American perceptions of each of other, their infleunce on each other and their ambitions.

1. How important was early colonial development in North America to the Stuarts?
2. Who were the early settlers? How close was their relationship with the 'mother country'?
3. What kind of sources do we have?
4. What was the impact of the English Civil War on Anglo-North American relations?
5. How did relations change under Cromwell?
6. What was the impact of the Restoration on relations between Britain and British America?
7. The seeds of later dispute are sown.
8. What do the litarary sources tell us about the changing relationship and the ambition of the colonisers?
9. When do we see North American literature flowing to Britain? Is there a lively trans-Atlantic conversation between writers of this period?

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