Scheme of Work: Early Islam, including Baghdad

Primary Scheme of Work, Key Stage 2 History

Published: 1st January 2017

Early Islamic civilisation, including Baghdad c. AD 900

Children can be introduced to the idea that people from other civilisations have contributed to many ideas that impact on us still. They can learn about some of the differences in way of life between citizens of Baghdad and London c. AD 900. Links can be made with other cultures that contributed to the formation of theories that are still used within modern day Britain. Children will also be introduced to personalities who undertook challenges on a huge scale to leave behind fascinating legacies. There is a strong emphasis on children investigating issues and solving valid historical questions recognising the nature of the evidence on which their judgements and knowledge are based.

Please note that a small number of the external links in this scheme of work are currently unavailable and we will endeavour to supply alternatives as soon as we are able.

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