Race is an idea that has fundamentally changed the history of many countries, individuals and communities across the world, with painful and sometimes fatal consequences.

In this podcast Jason Todd (University of Oxford) is joined by Dr Kennetta Perry (Director of the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre, De Montfort University), Dr Robin Whitburn (Institute of Education) and Abdul Mohamud (Institute of Education).

The work of Stuart Hall is a useful guide in navigating issues of race and identity. Today there is broad agreement for the view that race is merely a social construction, yet Hall asks us to think carefully about what it means to take up such a stance.

* Please note that each of the introductions are specific to the individual podcast while the acknowledgements are generic in all of the introductions. 

1. Introduction
2. What was your entry point for thinking about race?
3. What is happening with regards to teaching about race?
4. What might it mean to think historically around race?
5. Robin and Abdul’s Afrikaner enquiry
6. Enquiry: How did the enslavement of Africans contribute to the construction of race?
7. Teaching the concept of race
8. Human agency and alternative historical sources
9. How do you deal with the human stories and human agency in the classroom?
10. Claudia Jones – How African-Caribbean migrants shaped race politics
11. Engaging with different narratives and chronologies

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