Teaching Controversial History at Primary School

In this podcast Jason Todd (University of Oxford) is joined by Dr Paul Bracey (Associate Lecturer at University of Northampton) and Dr Karin Doull (Principal Lecturer at University of Roehampton) who discuss the 5 topics that have also been considered by the thematic podcasts: race, empire, migration, Northern Ireland and the Holocaust; thinking about implications for teaching these topics in primary history, and also talking about other themes which relate to or extend this list including climate change, women and LGBTQ+.

Please note that each of the introductions are specific to the individual podcast while the acknowledgements are generic in all of the introductions. 

1. Introduction
2. Race
3. Empire
4. The Holocaust
5. Migration and immigration
6. Ireland
7. Women and LGBTQ+
8. Climate Change
9. Conclusion

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