Why did Boudicca make a comeback?

Learning objectives

  • To compare and contrast images of Boudicca and Britannia.
  • To plot positions and images of Boudicca on a living graph to track her reputation over time.
  • To reflect on and discuss possible reasons for the change in Boudicca's reputation over time.



Possible Teaching Objectives

Starter (initial stimulus material)

  • Play a version of "Rule Britannia".

  • Lead a discussion on "Why have we listened to this?" Explain that "Rule Britannia" was popular in the nineteenth century. Ask, "What has the music got to do with Boudicca?".

  • Display the photograph of the famous 1902 statue of Boudicca, erected in central London showing her as a warrior queen listed in the resources column. Next display the image of Britannia shown on the photograph of the fifty pence piece listed in the resource column. Discuss "How are the statue and Britannia similar?" "What is odd about this statue as an image of Boudicca? (note the roman clothing) "Why was Boudicca represented in this way in 1902?".

  • Give out paper versions of the Interpretations living graph listed in the resources column. The horizontal axis represents time since 500 AD (which roughly coincides with the end of Roman rule) while the vertical axis gauges Boudicca's reputation between very strong and very weak.

  • Download the quotes referring to Boudicca since 500 AD listed in the resources column. Cut these up into sets of cards and give to groups to organise in chronological order along the horizontal axis of the living graph. Include some of the images of Boudicca sorted previously with the date of their production written on the back. Ask groups to plot the cards and images against the vertical axis in gauging Boudicca's reputation over time. Some of the material included in this task is challenging and pupils will need assistance in understanding some of the quotations on the cards. The teacher and any other available adults in the classroom will need to move around the groups, answering questions and prompting discussion. For some groups of pupils, the amount of material for sorting might be reduced as a form of differentiation.

  • After the card sort, lead a class discussion asking, "How has Boudicca's reputation changed over time? "Can we guess why it has changed?" etc.

  • Finally pupils complete a piece of extended writing in answer to the overriding question "Was Boudicca's Britain's first hero?" It is important that success criteria are shared with pupils before they start writing.


Learning Outcomes

  • Reach conclusions about contrasting images of Boudicca and Britannia.
  • Produce a living graph of Boudicca's reputation.
  • Produce a piece of extended writing in answer to the over-arching question.

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