KS2 Egyptian Story & Lesson Resource

Book & Lesson Resource Review

By Alf Wilkinson, published 12th November 2008

Ma'at's Feather: A story set in Ancient Egypt by Juliet Desailly, The Book Guild,  p/b £6.99 Pub 2008, ISBN: 978 1 84624 273 1 and accompanying lesson resource Ma'at's Feather: Cross-Curricular Lesson Ideas by Juliet Desailly Pub 2008, ISBN: 978 0 955668 0 4

Reviewed by Alf Wilkinson

Ma'at's Feather tells the story of Qen, a young boy who lives in Ancient Egypt. It follows his life that seems all mapped out for him as the floods come, as the crops ripen, and as he starts to work, with his family, on the new Temple during the dry season. All is going well until his father dies in a terrible accident, when Qen's life changes in a dramatic and terrifying way.

Traditional farming life, death, rituals and belief in the afterlife all feature in this beautifully written story, perfectly pitched for Key Stage 2 pupils to read, either by themselves or as a group. Highly readable and historically accurate - who says you can't do history through literacy? Recommended!

Ma'at's Feather: Cross-Curricular Lesson Ideas resource takes the book, chapter by chapter, and provides a miriad of lesson ideas, both in subjects and cross-curricularly, to help teachers utilise the story in lesson and homework time. Each lesson idea has parallel learning objectives in two or more subject areas and uses creative, enquiry-based approaches to learning. There is no way you will be able to use all the options on offer, but whether you want a simple short sharp activity or a longer focus over several lessons there is something here to help you and your pupils. Subjects covered include history, geography, literacy, music, pshe, ICT and drama.  An excellent resource that complements the text perfectly.