The Haunting of Charity Delafield by Ian Beck - Published by The Bodley Head



The haunting of Charity Delafield is an enjoyable book to read by Ian Beck. The story tells of a young girl named Charity Delafield who has a cat and explores her house. Charity Delafield a young girl with flame coloured hair, lives at Stone Green Hall a big and old house. When Charity was born her mother went missing and never came back to the house at all and Charity was keen to find her.

When Charity is older she decides to explore the house herself with her cat Mr Tompkins because her father will never let her. She finds things of her mother's and she keeps them to herself, well away from Edward and Rose the servants who work at the house and Mrs Browne, the cook, and of course her father. Charity meets Silas a chimney sweep boy who makes friends with her and he comes often to see her. I would recommend this book for ages 10 and up. Charity's father is mean and sad because Charity's mother has disappeared and is probably dead. This book is worth reading as Charity has an adventure exploring her ancient and dark house.

by Natalie


This historical fiction piece of writing - brilliantly written by Ian Beck, is about: a girl called Charity who grows up in an isolated mansion with her strict father. She is forbidden from exploring her house - especially at night; speaking to strangers; stepping a foot beyond the grounds of the house and from reading fairy tales. Charity is told that she has a ‘condition' and she has been trying to figure out what it is for a long time. She has the same weird dream every night: she is walking down the corridor of the forbidden west wing. One day she finds a locked door in the west wing and behind the door lay a diary. With the help of her chimney sweep friend, Silas, and the diary, she begins to unravel the magical story of her family's past.

I particularly enjoyed the parts where Charity was sneaking around the forbidden west wing, it created tension and my hands were shaking when turning the page. This book deserves a respectable 7/10!

By Hannah

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