A Roman Rescue by KA Gerrard & Emma Dodd - Published by Templar Publishing



Charlie falls down this big mole hole and he comes out not knowing where he is.

He was looking for his dog.

After some time he met someone and asked where he was? The reply was Rome.

After another long conversation Charlie finds out he is not just in Rome, he's in ancient Rome...

After an adventure Charlie and Cosmo, his friend, come home together with the dog.

The book is written in comic strip and is easy to read. I would rate this 5 stars!

By Chloe


This is a Fantastic humorous book set in Ancient Rome about a boy called Charlie and his pet dog, Bandit. In the beginning of the story Charlie's mother orders Charlie to go outside and recover the washing that had blown off the washing line. Bandit, when outside, falls into a sink hole and Charlie, trying to rescue Bandit, also falls into the sink hole and they are transported to Ancient Rome!

Emma Dodd's drawings complement K.A. Gerrard's writing skills presented in a comic style. At the end of the book there is a section of the book called Charlie's Notebook: this gives us facts and historical detail and information about Ancient Rome.

I would recommend this book to a class of young readers learning about Ancient Rome, in class with their teacher or just alone.

By Daniel-Paul

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