Not Bad for a Bad Lady by Michael Morpurgo - Published by Templar Publishing



Not Bad for a Bad Lad is a moving but laugh-out-loud tale set in post war Britain concerning a boy- anonymous but nicknamed ‘bad lad' who steals a car and is found taking and eating tomatoes.  He is taken to a reform school where he meets a man and a horse who change his life.  Though Bad Lad's eyes we learn that with a little motivation a life can be turned around.

This captivating book has inspired and helped me realise that not everyone is as thoroughly bad as they might seem.  This (and all the great Michael Morpurgo's other books) is a must read.

By Joseph


I very much enjoyed this book. I don't think that it was a particular place or event which made it delightful and intriguing but the wonderful characters. The illustrations also contributed immensely to the pleasurable reading experience.

A Grandfather tells the story of his early life and how two wonderful and inspiring characters , his primary school teacher and a farmer working at a prison stable, had faith in him and gave him opportunities which inspired and enabled him to turn his dishonest life around.  I liked the main character in the book, he was believable and was not just "a bad lad" or the equally oring equivalent "a good lad" but a relatable person who had made mistakes and suffered the consequences but managed to get his life back on track.

The history of the book was very realistic as at the beginning there is reference to WW2 which includes an illustration depicting the aftermath of a cities bombing raid and how children would play in the ruins. The illustrations also skilfully detail the different types of clothing that was the fashion back then.

The book did make me want to read more of the author, particularly if these stories worked in conjunction with the illustrator. As I thought that they went together beautifully. I would definitely recommend this book to people of all ages, it is a short read but an exciting and insightful one. I had no idea about young offenders being sent to a special prison after the second world war, and did not know about the charity educating and giving young people experience with working on farms and dealing with animals which still exists today.

by Tomi


Not Bad For A Bad Lad is a phenomenal book by the wonderful Michael Morpurgo. It tells everyone that no matter what anyone tells you, if you try hard, you will always accomplish your goals. This is a heart touching and moving story.

It is about a boy nicknamed' Bad Lad.' All he wants to do is show people he is not as abominable and impish as they think he is. Having an outstanding passion for horses, he does not realize that this affection could change his life forever. However, Bad Lad likes to steal, but does he ever get caught? He helps save a horse on the day of the parade and his bounty is exceptionally ample. There are many twists and turns during this story and every page there is something new happening.

This book is also an excellent book for people to read if they enjoy reading books with a historical setting. For example, at the start of the story the book states, ‘Down our street there was this bomb site - there were lots of houses around us all bombed to bits in the war.' It is set around the 1940s , therefore just after the Second World War. There are also a great many facts about the war to learn throughout the book.

I have really enjoyed reading this story and I definitely would like to read another book by Michael Morpugo. All the way from the first page  to the last I have always wondered what will happen next. Using my imagination all the way through, I have been given a real captivating read. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get lost in a book.

By Annabelle

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