Exemplar Application 1: Primary ITE

Bev Forrest is a teacher and teacher educator of over 30 years’ experience.  She has worked until recently as a lecturer in primary education on the BA (Ed) at Leeds Trinity University. Bev’s application draws upon her broad experience as both a teacher and teacher educator.

All applicants must supply an application form, CV and scanned copies of their relevant qualification certificates. These have not been supplied as part of this exemplar for data protection purposes. What follows is an exemplar of the 1000 word statement, supporting evidence and the CPD log that Bev provided to support her application.

You can note from her statement that given her broad experience, Bev has chosen to focus her application mainly on her more recent experience. In the case of applications made from a greater base of experience, this is advisable as the CV document will help to gain insight into earlier career development.

Bev has chosen to lay out her application in such a way that the evidence she draws upon is cited in a margin at the side of the statement. This is helpful for the panel and is a good way of laying out an application.

The CPD log must indicate at least 36 hours of history CPD undertaken over the last 12 months. This must be CPD undertaken rather than CPD the applicant has delivered. A wide range of activities are permissible as CPD. Please take a look at the exemplar CPD logs and our FAQs for guidance.

The panel felt that Bev’s application indicated a wide variety of evidence about her contributions to others’ professional learning – obviously within her formal role but also through a variety of other routes, for example  HA CPD events, Primary History contributions, blog for Rising Stars, draft publication for Education 3-13 on the impact of the Quality Mark award. The panel noted that for Bev, in many ways, the difficulty was in knowing what to include and what to leave out.

In the zipped attachment below you will find Bev’s 1000 word statement, her 6 pieces of evidence and her CPD log.

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