Jubilee medals: celebration and creation

Primary History article

By Polly Gillow, published 25th March 2022

Jubilee medals: celebration and creation

The Queen’s jubilee is a great opportunity to explore a huge range of concepts with EYFS children, and what better way to celebrate the experience than by creating your own celebration medals and to wear them in your own celebrations, as a continuation of the celebrations of so many years past. When considering this particular jubilee, with any age group of children, it is almost beyond ‘change within living memory’, for those of us teaching in schools (at least I hope so!), yet any opportunity to access the oral histories of any older members of the local community who could share their experiences and memories of coronation day in 1953 should be encouraged. That said, more recent jubilees are perhaps a more accessible point, such as the 1977 Silver Jubilee, the 2002 Golden Jubilee and the 2012 Diamond Jubilee...

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