Beyond 1066

Pupils in Key Stage 2 are required to undertake a chronological unit of study that extends knowledge beyond 1066. The emphasis of this unit is to help pupils to develop their chronological understanding and should either take the form of an overview of a theme across time, or focus on a specific turning point that could be said to have resulted in change after 1066. While a popular choice for schools may be to retain a study of the Tudors, Victorians or Britain from 1930 in this option, links should be made to earlier units of study and the content focus of choice should not operate in a vacuum. In order to consider a particular event or period in time as a turning point, it will be important for pupils to understand what came before it as well as what came afterwards. For schools wishing to trace a theme across time, a big picture overview may be needed that can draw links both back and forth in time through the theme. Popular themes include medical knowledge, crime and punishment, monarchy and power, food, leisure to name but a few.


Big Picture History

The Victorians

Britain since 1930

Crime and Punishment

Science & Industry

The Tudors