Coherence in primary history: How can we get children to see that their history links up?

Primary History article

By Tim Lomas, published 22nd June 2022

How can we get children to see that their history links up?

No teacher ever wants to claim that their history curriculum is incoherent. All schools want to have a curriculum that is logically ordered and consistent, that has clarity and that holds together. It is easy to assume that how we see this coherence as adults must also translate to the pupils. This article is about how the history curriculum may be connected in such a way that makes sense to the pupils. This itself begs a wide range of questions:

1. Coherent to whom? The school, parents, all pupils?
2. Do you need to ensure coherence in different contexts – within a lesson, across a sequence of lessons or topic? Across themes, key stages and across the school? Should there even be some coherence across schools such as the feeder and contributory schools?
3. How do you know if you have achieved coherence?
4. Is coherence different to continuity?...

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