Primary History summer resource 2023: Early civilisations

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Published: 6th July 2023

Developing your subject knowledge of early civilisations

Our free summer resource for 2023 is intended to enhance your subject knowledge about ancient civilisations. We have selected two articles from the HA journal The Historian that provide you with an insight into current historical knowledge. 

The first article includes Sumer, Indus, Shang and Egypt, early civilisations that are identified in the National Curriculum, together with Minoan and Olmec societies. By including these civilisations in your teaching, you will provide children with a broader understanding of the parts of the world in which changes were taking place. The second article contributes to our understanding of the role of women in Egypt, and also builds on and extends a general insight into Ancient Egypt.

We hope that you enjoy reading these articles and have a well-deserved rest over the summer period.

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