Primary History 52: Education and the Environment

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

By HA, published 4th December 2009

Education and the Environment

03 Editorial

04 In my view: Education and the built environment – Dominic Balmforth

06 In my view: Primary history and Engaging Places – Rochelle Whitty

08 In my view: Engaging Pupils: An A Level student describes her experience of collaborative working with Key Stage 2 – Bernice Waghorn

09 In my view: Building learning places, and learning about places and buildings! – Simon Wooden (Read article)

10 Think Bubble: The Good Life? – Peter Vass

11 Planning for history and environmental education: the head teacher’s perspective – Rick Weights (Read article)

12 History in the urban environment – Pat Hoodless (Read article)

15 Cross-Curricular learning led by the humanities – Chris Rowley

17 Hearts, hamsters and historic education – Lucy Hardy (Read article)

20 The view from the classroom – Cathie McIlroy (Read article)

21 Case Study 1: Nuffield Urban Spaces Project – Jacqui Dean

23 Case Study 2: No lessons today – let’s go to the seaside… – Barbara Sands

26 Case Study 3: On Track: Using the West Somerset Mineral Railway to promote historical, social and environmental education – Linda la Velle, Mary Olszewska and Dave Gurnett

29 Case Study 4: Let us think of tomorrow’s past: a living history project in a local community – the Kelloe Community Project – Carol Musztacs

33 Case Study 5: St. Paul’s Cathedral: Engaging with an Iconic Building – Laura Arends

35 Resources, Readings and Internet links for teaching about the environment – Jacqui Dean

36 Professional Development: using local buildings – Sue Temple (Read article)

38 History Coordinators’ Dilemmas – Tim Lomas

40 Noticeboard

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