Caesar lands

Lesson Plan

By Jon Nichol, edited by Jacqui Dean, published 3rd December 2010

The class had a clear objective - an understanding of Julius Caesar's landing in Britain, using Caesar's own account in translation. This meant that the pupils had to understand a difficult and challenging text.

(These resources are attached below)

To engage the pupils we used visualisation, breaking into the text at the paragraph level, and using expressive movement to make sense of the whole text from an enactive perspective.

The lesson was the fourth in a term's course on Invaders and Settlers for a class of 32 Year 5 / 6 mixed age and gender pupils. The class teacher, Lorna, and I taught the lesson.


Teaching methods
Reading documents

Expressive movement and freeze frames

A sequence of lessons
First we did

Then a sequence of lessons on Caesar's invasion of Britain.

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