Primary History 46: Citizenship, Controversial Issues & Identity

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

Published: 17th June 2007

Citizenship, Controversial Issues and Identity

04 Editorial: history, citizenship and the curriculum – a fit purpose (Read article)

05 In My View: citizenship education in primary schools – Lord Adonis

06 In My View: history and identity – Sir Keith Ajegbo

07 Citizenship, identity and culture: Two Poems – Benjamin Zephaniah and an 8th century poet

08 Think Bubble: Citizenship – A Subject for our Times? – Peter Vass

09 Teaching about the Transatlantic Slave Trade and emancipation – Anna Salaman (Read article)

11 Teaching about racism, fairness & justice through key people – David Rosenberg (Read article)

14 ‘I could change the world if I put my mind to it!’ teaching controversial issues and citizenship through a project on heroes and heroines – Diane Rougvie (Read article)

16 Engaging with controversial issues through drama – James Hennessy (Read article)

18 Exploring our roots: oral history in the local community – Jackie Ould-Okojie 

20 Dealing with the dead: identity and community – monuments, memorials and local history – Peter Vass (Read article)

22 History Coordinators’ Dilemma: history and citizenship – Tim Lomas 

24 Citizenship, the history curriculum and English government policy – Hilary Cooper

25 Making connections: history and citizenship – Jenny Wales

26 Creating a curriculum to help children in the early years understand the world in which they live: history and children in the early years – Penelope Harnett (Read article)

28 History, citizenship and controversy – Hilary Claire (Read article)

31 Teaching controversial Issues, 8-11, an Historical Association project – Helena Gillespie

33 Citizenship, controversial issues and identity in the transition year – Dean Smart

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